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Advanced Courses

We proudly provide accredited advanced courses tailored for TEFL teachers seeking to elevate their expertise. These comprehensive courses enable instructors to specialize in delivering advanced-level instruction, equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in guiding students towards higher levels of language proficiency. Embark on a journey of professional growth and distinction with our distinguished advanced courses. 

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Advanced Certificate in

Teaching Business English

This course is designed for teachers who would like to widen their skill set in the area of teaching Business English and teaching English in-company.

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Advanced Certificate in

IELTS for Teachers

This course is designed with the goal of equipping you with comprehensive knowledge about the IELTS test structure and the various tasks that candidates undertake during the examination. It aims to provide you with innovative strategies to empower your students and guide them towards achieving remarkable success in the IELTS examination.


As a teacher of English, you may already have a stock of skill-building activities up your sleeve, but this course will look at how the four main skills, and a number of micro-skills, can be developed and practised with the IELTS test in mind.

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"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world."

- Ludwig Wittgenstein

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